Uffiliates is the official casino affiliate program of many casinos in the 888 network, one of the longest-standing groups of online casinos. Among its leading brands are Reef Club Casino, 888 Casino, 888 UK Casino and Casino on Net. It also promotes 888.it Casino under its subsidiary 888 Affiliati.it. This network of sites offers leading casino games from the 888 Gaming platform, as well as poker and sports betting. Uffiliates has a history extending back more than a decade and offers multiple commission schemes.

Commission details

Partners of Uffiliates can earn commissions through either a revenue sharing plan or a CPA (cost-­per­-ac­qui­sition) agreement.

Under the revenue sharing plan, affiliates are compensated based on the net revenue of their tagged players. The exact amount paid varies from brand to brand and product to product; however, all of the commissions are tiered based on performance. Higher net revenue tiers mean a higher cut of the revenue as commission for affiliates.

First, there is negative carryover. In the event that an affiliate’s players win more than they lose or commit fraud, the negative balance will be applied to future commissions until it is fully repaid. There is also bundling across all brands, so negative earnings at one brand will cancel out equal positive earnings at another within a month.

Those who qualify may be enrolled in a CPA plan instead. Those who are placed in this plan, either by request or action from Uffiliates, are paid one-time fees in lieu of revenue-based commissions. The amount paid per player depends on how many new depositing players are brought in within each month. More first-time depositors means a higher per-player commission for the affiliate.


Partners of Uffiliates can increase their earnings through the program’s 2-tier sub-affiliation scheme. Affiliates are paid a secondary commission based on a flat percentage of their sub-affiliates’ commissions.

Payment details

Uffiliates pay all qualifying partners monthly, and payments should be received by the 15th of each month. Only affiliates who reach a $250 minimum payment threshold are eligible for payment. Those who do not reach this requirement will have their earnings carried forward until they do.

Payments can be issued in either US dollars or euros, and affiliates can opt to receive their payments via Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire or Check. Affiliates who use wire transfer will need to pay a $25 fee per withdrawal.


Uffiliates uses a proprietary software platform to provide its affiliates with information and creative materials. It is well-rounded, offering plenty of reporting features and an at-a-glance dashboard for virtually all important statistics

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